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Jenifer Williams LPC-S, LPA

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Counselor Richardson, Texas

Counseling Richardson Texas

 Thank you for visiting my counseling website.  Please note that I am no longer accepting private counseling clients.  The nonprofit Humanitarian Outreach for Migrant Emotional Health (H.O.M.E.), where I serve as Executive Director, welcomes referrals for immigration related mental health assessment from nonprofit and pro bono immigration attorneys. 


You’ve been through one (or more) of life’s harshest events, and you need to know that people can and do move forward from this kind of pain.  They find a place of hope and purpose. 

If you choose to work with me, we’ll talk about your current challenges and how you can make the journey toward resilience, growth, and maybe even leadership. 

First and always, I will listen to your goals—whether you want to feel better, help someone else, or change your corner of the world.  I will draw from research, from decades of counseling experience, and from my doctorate in leadership to partner with you. 

My core beliefs are that every person has a unique mission, every life has a unique purpose, and every painful experience can be a starting place for hope.  



Counseling Richardson, Texas

Counseling Richardson, Texas, Dallas Counselor providing mental health counseling  for Grief, Trauma, Relationships, Depression, Abuse, Anxiety. Now Accepting Blue Cross Insurance and providing Spanish Speaking Sessions.

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