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Jenifer Williams LPC-S, LPA

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Counseling in Richardson, TX, or Online


Counseling in Richardson Texas or Online    

Thank you for visiting my counseling website.  Please note that I am not currently accepting new private clients.  The nonprofit Humanitarian Outreach for Migrant Emotional Health (H.O.M.E.), where I serve as Executive Director, welcomes referrals for pro bono forensic mental health assessments for humanitarian immigration cases. 


Painful experiences leave their mark in unfair ways.  If you have experienced trauma or loss, you may feel alone, sad, angry, or anxious.  You may have trouble with relationships or work.  And you may have tried to escape these feelings, only to find your efforts have caused more problems than they have solved.

But trauma and loss can also lead to exceptional growth, and many survivors find they can rise from dark experiences to unexpected hope and purpose.

I have more than twenty years' experience in guiding survivors past trauma, grief, illness, disability, abuse, rejection, and guilt.  I draw from the latest research in positive psychology and posttraumatic growth to guide you in healing – even thriving—in spite of difficult circumstances.   

Counseling sessions are available in person or online through a HIPAA compliant video conference system you can access through any device.  Either way, sessions normally last fifty minutes, and the number of sessions recommended is based on client needs and preferences.  I am in network with Blue Cross and Cigna plans and will assist you to file other insurance claims.    


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